Renting Out a Property

Renting Out a Property

Homes To Rent - HMO's (Homes of Multiple Occupancy)

Manchester City Council together with the HMO enforcement team, PRS Licensing, H & S office and Environmental department are actively encouraging that all rented properties are upgraded to conform to certain universal standards.

Although the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office stated "2 or more unrelated" people renting the same property, the view expressed by Manchester is that over time all rented properties will conform.

The HMO upgrades and the licensing procedures are not related. Only 3 storey properties with 5 or more tenants needs a licence but the council is actively encouraging other properties to conform to the following standards: -

A). Firedoors

½ hour fire resisting doors with 3 no. fire hinges, intumescent strips and closer (you can combine the hinges/closers with a special hinge system at around same cost). All bedroom doors, if lockable, must be operable from the inside without a use of a key (thumb-turn locks). These not only affect kitchen, lounge, bedrooms and box-room doors but also, where applicable, meter cupboards and cellars.

B). Fire Detection

A fire detection system to B55839 (hardwired or wireless approved systems) to all rooms excluding bathrooms with a detector panel in hallway and emergency lighting to landings, hallways and cellars if applicable.

C). Thumbturn

Thumb-turn locks to front and back doors to allow them to be opened without use of a key

D). Mechanical

Mechanical ventilation, giving 3 air changes per hour to kitchen and bathroom(s).

E). Fire Precautions

A fire blanket and extinguisher in the kitchen(s)

There are other issues, termed "Hazards" that will also affect the changes needed to conform to the HMO regulations. These can be as diverse as inner lobby doors, single steps, handrails and window grills among the most common.

Please note the H & S and Environmental departments have other requirements, which may include enforcement procedures. These can be from holes through external walls to waste controls and yard clearing.

For further details and a free estimate/survey of your property please contact the office.

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