Our Fees To Tenants


When you decide to take a property, there is an administration charge. This is in the initial paperwork you are given, which also tells you about the rent, deposit and any requests you may wish to ask the landlord at the time of booking. You will be asked to sign this form and the lead tenant will be given a copy. The administration fee for all properties, unless stated otherwise is equivalent to half a month’s rent plus VAT.

This fee contributes towards the costs of credit checks, tenancy paperwork, work references, previous landlord reference, liaising with your landlord and should guarantors be required, this will cover the cost of additional references and checks.

For example: If your rent is £500.00 per month then the administration fee is £250.00+VAT. In the case of a group, this would normally be divided equally between you.

Upon receipt of the administration fee, the property will be withdrawn from viewings, while references are requested.

Should you withdraw from taking the property or it is found that you have knowingly made false statements in your application, or fail referencing, you will lose this fee.

Should your application not be successful for any other reasons, this fee will be refunded in full.


A deposit payment is usually equivalent to 5 weeks rent. This is noted in your application. Any deposit taken will be registered with a deposit scheme. You will be given the details of the scheme and the scheme rules at the time of signing your tenancy. We reserve the right to request additional deposit funds in certain circumstances, such as if the landlord has agreed a pet can be kept at the property.

Some landlords do not request deposits.


Should the second rent payment not be met as agreed in your tenancy agreement, there will be a late payment charge of £50.00+VAT.

Letters to remind you that your rent is late or unpaid are charged at £15.00 per letter.

Late payment charges are £20.00 for the first 14 day’s your rent is unpaid and £15.00 for every 14 day’s following.

Should a cheque not clear (bounce), you will be charged administration fee of £20.00.

Special circumstances may be deemed and would be looked at on an individual basis.


If you terminate your agreement prior to the end date, an administration fee equivalent to half a month’s rent plus VAT will be payable. Upon receipt of cleared funds, we will advertise the property for you to find replacement tenant/s. You will be liable to the terms your agreement until replaced with a suitable tenant/s.

Renewing the tenancy is £50 plus VAT, minimum 6 months contract. If your tenancy has ended and you continue on a rolling monthly basis, you will be charged £100.00 plus VAT.


You will not be charged for an inventory as this is catered for, should your landlord request one. Some landlords do not request inventories. It may be in your interests to prepare your own schedule upon moving in if the landlord does not produce one. This will help you with any possible issues when you vacate.


We do not charge additional fees to check you in, but you must make an appointment with the office to arrange a check in, with reasonable notice (this would be deemed as a few days). Should you not do so, then you will be allowed to take the keys and move in (all subject to the required criteria having been met), but we will not be able to accompany you at that time.

We do not charge check out fees either, but again you must make an appointment for us to meet you and check the property, with reasonable notice (This would be deemed as a few days). You can not continue to reside at the property once checked out and all keys must be given at this time. You will need to produce confirmation that all the utility bills have been paid up to the date of vacation also, as we/your landlord can not agree it to be released until you have been able to confirm adherence to the terms of the contract. Should you not make an appointment for the exit, we will expect the keys to be returned on the date of your contract ending no later than 11 am as per the tenancy. We will then book in as soon as possible to carry out the exit inspection/check out.